Astrox 77 Red vs. Nanoflare 800

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I currently use Bravesword 12 (3U) and Nanoflare 700 (4U).

I like Bravesword 12 a lot, but increasingly found playing with it rather tiring these days because of its 3U weight, although it is not obviously as heavy as say an Astrox 99. Therefore, I have been using Nanoflare 700 (4U) more recently. I like Nanoflare 700, it’s fast, reasonably light, and sufficiently powerful, but somehow lacking something – for example, it doesn’t feel as solid as Bravesword 12.

I’m currently considering Nanoflare 800 (4U) and Astrox 77 Pro (4U). The latter hasn’t been released yet, but I imagine its characteristics wouldn’t be too far from Astrox 77 Red (I understand that Astrox 77’s three colours have different characteristics with Yellow the most head heavy). I was wondering if those who have used both Nanoflare 800 (4U) and Astrox 77 Red (4U) can share some insights how their experiences have been with these two rackets.

For your info, I play doubles only, at around intermediate plus level, and generally prefer even balance, fast, and not overly stiff racket. Any help with the above will be much appreciated. Cheers…