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Arisa Higashino 東野有紗 The Angel of Badminton – Special Jump Smash — 30 Comments

  1. For some strange reasons, my attention is more drawn towards her partner in court, Yuta Wannabe. He covers the court quite well.

  2. I love her style. If she improve her defense, I’m sure she and Yuta will replace Zheng/Huang in the 1st World ranking

  3. I dare to say that we are rarely see or none for scene like this (woman jumping smash) in WD game. We need more aggresive player like higashino in WD too.

  4. That near perfect jump smash puts many a male players scratch their head
    It simply is amazing how she efficiently plays the smash even while jumping backwards

  5. I’ve always looked at Watanabe and never fully appreciated how good Higashino is until now

  6. Compared to her attacks, Higashino has abysmal defense. Yuta Watanabe is a very smart player compared to Zheng Siwei but Siwei is physically a monster so no need to think, just smash. Huang Yaqiong has exceptional defense (which usually goes hand in hand with exceptional net play) and her smash isn’t all that weak, just not steep like Higashino but main factor, she’s much smarter and more calm than Higashino.

  7. Probably because you saw alot of Zheng/Huang vs Watanabe/Higashino matches. If that’s the case, all you’ll ever see is Watanabe covering Higashino’s bad shots and doing 80+% of the work. Zheng does around 60% and Huang around 40% which is usually setting up finishers or covering for Zhengs bad decisions and the results are pretty funny.

  8. Queen of jump smash…, But Yuta is the one who covers court well and sets up the smash for her, then she intercepts and finishes it.🔥🔥

  9. She could easily be a main character in hanebado 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 angel mirakuro!

  10. Her defense was good too. With this kind of play style, she can even play single. She have a very great balance in her attack and defense skill

  11. Having a woman partner like that COMPLETELY changes the dynamic and tactics for a mixed pair!!!!

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