APACS fan club

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one of the things that puzzles me is that Apacs gave and is giving out of a huge numberr of models. Some of them are similar. as far as I know, the clone of yy AT800 is ap800 (old), 1020 (newer) and maybe 1050 DF and OF. They are just the ‘clone’ line and a clone of just one yy model!

I am conviced to be a apacs fan by its quality and price. It’s definitely beyond just a brand of good performance-price ratio. it has similar quality and feeling ( for look, feel and play) to yy products and just a 1/3 price. Even the low-end rackets such as ap800 are pretty good.

ap800 is an old model. I do believe you can find ap800 in market, but you have to FIND it, perhaps very hard. A lot of new models are from apacs. why not try some new models? Since you have nano 9000 speed, I do not think you should have a AP800 at the same price range. You can buy a high-end model or another nano 9000 speed as a backup racket if you really like it.

You are in Malaysia, it is easy for you to find a retail store and try one. I bought mine in Singapore but now in Canada. talking about finding apacs rackets, I am in real trouble. 🙁

luck for me, my club friend are going to China. She will bring me two rackets. supposed to be Nano pro 9800/9900, and PC 1550/1650 depends on stocks.
I will let you know the feeling of Nano pro 9800 if you want. But you have to wait until NEXT YEAR (Jan, actually).