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Trademark Shot — 44 Comments

  1. @Faris Siddiq I think u can put his “crouch drive, or crouch defense, or round-the-head drive shot as his trademark. He made that trend.

  2. you can play it only if your opponent plays it out.. and you still have to be good enough to judge it. heh heh

  3. 4:33 no one talk about how cool is that doing against China? No look cross net savage af

  4. the loki of badminton lol. so darn savage that he just straight went out and get a high 5 from the coach 😂

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  6. Everybody: hitting shuttle with a trickery is a trademark
    Kevin: i won’t play still its a trademark

  7. even thought I can do everything up there, it’s just not up to their level of convincing the opponent that you’re trying to make a certain shot only to do something else

  8. That is actually is not his trademark “shot” lol. Idk what is the uploader thinks to add it to the list 😂

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