2023 Sudirman Cup pre tournament discussion

LYC/WC could be an interesting pair if they do chooses that route, they might get trashed or do super well. That includes both japan and korea’s pairing especially unpredictable korea. They might even return to their old pairing of choi/seo.

i think Akane was injured too during AE (wish her a speedy recovery) but if everyone is fit and good to go, CYF is literally a toss up for ASY and Akane, if any of the others slip up, it wont get to the XD, urrgh I wish they would start with that.

For MS, i think stubborn Japan might still consider sticking with momota as their MS1 and no one knows which momota will show up. Obviously if the best momota shows up, SYQ and LSF are gonna be in trouble. Naraoka, SYQ was able to beat him when he was doing well last yr. Not sure bout LSF.