2022 HK Open gossip

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As you know, recent HK opens have been decimated by the virus and HK’s very strict quarantine conditions (3 weeks in a hotel).

If you have been following the news, HK has had a devastating wave of omicron which has basically led to the HK government in effect throwing away the zero covid policy.

Quarantine requirements have now to been reduced to seven days in a hotel (because there’s more covid in HK than coming into HK from travellers).

The HK tourism board will put on events to attract visitors to HK. I remember the year of SARS (2003), that year’s HK Open was extremely well funded. I think the prize money was doubled. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

I think the same again will happen this year. HK Open is WT500 at the moment but I am very hopefully there will be an upgrade to WT750. Will it go to WT1000? Perhaps we can hope for something extra from the HK Tourism board because they only have half a year of events to do something to celebrate the 25th anniversary of reverting back to China.

Meanwhile, the board said it will re-launch the Free Tour and Staycation Delights programs soon after the local outbreak subsides, providing support to the tourism and hotel industry and stimulating the local economy.


The board will also hold large-scale events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR.