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12 Things to Become a Better Badminton Player — 58 Comments

  1. I subscribed you recently, and I have recommended all my friends to subscribe you
    Btw nice videos

  2. Hey guys! I need your help – I was wondering if they are any topics or issues in badminton that you’re really interested in, and you’re willing to pay to learn? Please throw in your thoughts and input, and as always, thank you for watching! 🙂

  3. Sir please make 1 video on jump smash nd how to do fast footwork 👍👍

  4. I think this video is extremely beneficial . Especially I liked that playing against wall.

  5. 01. Play with your racket a lot 0:39
    02. Juggle the shuttle 1:26
    03. Practice lunging 2:10
    04. Hitting against the wall 2:47
    05. Learn how to generate power 3:33
    06. Move your opponent front and back 4:02
    07. Move your opponent right and left 4:59
    08. Fron back footwork & six corner footwork 5:46
    09. Backhand and forehand service 7:01
    10. Jumping and hitting 8:23
    11. Spin net 9:08
    12. Baseline backhand 9:46

  6. Its a big help for me watching this..
    I’m a badminton coach in elem. Students. I learned new technics from you. Thank u!

  7. You teach perfectly and I want to know more about using my muscles power on smash.

  8. I’m a beginner player I don’t know why I’m getting severe pain in my shoulder due to playing at the wrong angle probably could you please help me to improve my game @Bg badminton academy

  9. You forgot the most important part:-
    If anyone makes fun of you while you’re learning to play, calmly ask for their racquet and shove it up their no no.

  10. @BG Badminton Academy some people just don’t see that it’s completely okay (and inevitable) to suck at something if you’re new to it.

  11. Thank you brother! You’ve help me a lot😭. The story is, i love badminton sport,i know how to play but i don’t know the rules the techniques and many more thing, i just knew how to play it in a very simple way. Next month, I’ll have the tournament that i registered euphorically without knowing how to play with the rules especially in double playing. 😭 I just wanna pull out my registration , but your videos motivate and teach me a lots as a beginner. Thanks yaah😂

  12. People who play this sport are naturally happier than the rest of the world

  13. I am not a professional player, even i haven’t learned the basics of Badminton, coz m a cricketer! But i apply my Fast Bowling tricks to hit Smashes, and i just love it! Every sport is connected to each other

  14. Great tutorial. It was nice to see all those different skills and also that even the best players can make mistakes and feel the frustration. I’m going to try most of those tips in the video with the exception of walking down the road or waiting for a bus while swinging my racket about. Other than that, great video and great tutorial. Keep up the good work.

  15. If the pain is like a repetitive strain injury (a bit like tennis elbow pain but in your shoulder) try taking Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM. You can get them in tablet form quite cheaply. The Glucosamine is the amino acid your body uses to repair tendons, the Chondroitin is what your body uses along side the Glucosamine, in other words the building blocks for the repair. The MSM is to help with the repair of cartilage. So all in all these tablets are great for repetitive strain injury and should help a lot. A friend of mine had repetitive strain injury in his shoulder from badminton for 3 years. I gave him some Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and a few weeks later he was fine again. I had it in my wrist for 2 years and it worked for me in a similar time scale. So they do work. You will need to rest also, repetitive strain injury is an injury at the end of the day. Good luck. Hope this helps.

  16. I’ve very recently started playing badminton. Thank you for some really helpful tips.

  17. @Gagan im new to badminton. have been playing for about 6 weeks, twice a week now. im crap, and i get the p*** taken out of me from a work collegue (we’re english, so we can do that lol). however, as soon as he saw my game beginning to improve, he started to back down and actually was more encouraging, giving positive input when i was playing shots well etc.

    im all for banter, and will give as good as i get, but i can see how it could affect a new player’s learning curve. for me personally, i used it as a way to fight back (so to speak). and i have gotten better.

    the guy wasnt doing it out of malice, and i did get better. gonna practice some of the things in this video like the lunging, and the now new to me backhand grip, which i didnt know before lol

  18. After so many years of fighting the legendary wall, I have still not won once, but I did make a lot of black spots back at my old house

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