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10 Unforgettable BADMINTON Celebrations — 44 Comments

  1. Indonesian coach so attractive

    I’m wondering why he doesn’t get to athletic?

  2. ppan355 hahaha some comment told me I was wrong, it seems that it is indeed not Tommy. Sorry, I thought he was Tommy, the posture is pretty similar.

  3. That slpit though by the.coach😂😂😂😂i cant believe that guy had some moves. Hahahahaha

  4. Lin Dan won Olympic 2012 should be number 1st.. after won badminton he continued run 100m..💨💨💨

  5. “Yo I got a racket launcher here”
    “you mean a ROCKET launcher?”
    “No It’s Qiao Bin”

  6. @Gentur Adiutama It’s hard to find a place in China national team,he is in provincial team now

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