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10 MOST FAMOUS Badminton Trick Shots — 58 Comments

  1. Every time I see Sam Parsons smash return, I can’t believe it’s real 4:44 . Always looking forward to these videos, thanks!!

  2. Fred Es he is not even saying that TH has only backhand smash. He is saying backhand smash isnt a trickshot. Whats your point?

  3. 中学の時、大会でピーターゲートの技決めた時気持ちよかった。

  4. It’s fake. Both players would’ve made the deal to do it like that if the conditions were right. Probably for views(popularity), and it worked.

  5. yeah that shot was fucking disgusting lmao, I ran out of my room for a good min and came back to watch it again xD

  6. @The Babayega Cause he’s joking about Lee and I think it’s not fair

  7. In badminton all countries have a legend ” so proud because badminton can make somebody have a smile … 👍

  8. Fred Es Would you then like to see Goh V shem’s smash too?
    The difference here is that the backhand actually has use in a match

  9. The current era isn’t bad, Momota, Gi ting and Axelsen are in my opinion the current top players, very similar to the golden age legends

  10. I actually did that recently because there wasn’t no way I was going to react to the shuttle and I just had to sit down to contemplate what I did to the person I was playing against

  11. I’m new to this game i played it first time one week ago, since that time I’m extremely excited about it, amazing game 😍,

  12. 2:06 “You have to dare to win” – (when you have nothing to say about the match)
    “See that’s it”,
    “oh, that’s good, that’s good but that’s it
    … that’s really well played by CHONGWEI”
    … and CHEN LONG got the point.
    I guess you just have to be talkative with good intonation, regardless of what you are saying to be a badminton commentator.

  13. He may have known about the nature of the opponent player.
    If his opponent used to hit so many body smashes,then he could take a chance with that.
    But off course very less chance to get it correct.

  14. I think he had just given up the point and went for the one in a million shot and got it

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